Tactile media may or may not be self-explanatory. In the world of five.thirty.one, where most media is rendered through the web or even on the more traditional paper, Nikki has found herself unbound by a mirth of opportunities lurking around every corner. Whether commissioned to deliver a special and unique multi-dimensional card or engulfing herself in a new sewing project for holiday gift-giving, Nikki finds passion in all things to be held in the hands and admired by the visual and tactile senses.

Most of these projects have been generated in response to personal pleasures but remain challenging and deeply gratifying. For this reason Nikki has chosen to display such works at five.thiry.one, suggesting that her willingness to dive into such realm of creativity is not limited to her personal domain.

Little-known fact: Nikki credits everthing she knows about sewing and stitching to her multi-talented Mom.