design is a full-service design organization initiated in 2007 by Nikki Reynolds. With instructional design at the helm of her portfolio, Nikki emphasizes this professional direction. She is completely adaptable to any subject matter and adept at CBT, WBT and ILT formats. Her portfolio in research, writing and curriculum design includes industry experience in:

  • technology
  • K-12 education
  • retail
  • pharmaceutical
  • non-profit

With a graduate degree in Instructional Design from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Nikki is proficient in a range of tasks including:

  • client and subject matter expert relationships
  • needs analysis and training requirements
  • content and layout design
  • storyboarding and interactivity design
  • script writing
  • assessment

Nikki complements her work with 10 years of experience in visual and web design, and is also supported by a well-rounded background in business and client relationships. Her underlying passion is to deliver quality design while offering the customer a unique and completely customized experience. design is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nikki is blissfully married and raising two wonderful children. Her hobbies include creative, kid-friendly meal-making and wiping dirty feet and faces. Oh yes, of course there is also photography, multiple forms of design, downhill skiing, running and golf, piano, guitar and singing (when she can find the time!).

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Little-known fact: Nikki absolutely, vehemently hates shopping!